Beginning September 2016

Bastrop Christian Church

Dinner for 8


Purpose: Encourage intentional fellowship and friendship so that we can become better acquainted with our faith family.


Who: Each group will be comprised of 8 adults. Mixed ages. Singles and couples. Longtime members and new faces.


What: Meet at a minimum, once a month for dinner and Christian fellowship. Groups will be encouraged to pray together as well as participate in a guided discussion focusing on a spiritual topic or passage of scripture. Groups will be given ideas for ice-breaker questions and other conversation topics.


Where: Each group will choose where to meet each month. Groups can meet at each other’s homes on a rotational basis; choose one home; meet at a restaurant; or make arrangements to use the fellowship hall.


When: Groups will meet a minimum of once per month from September 2016 to May 2017. It is the responsibility of the group to decide the best date for all to participate. Meeting days and times may vary from month to month depending on the individual group.


Misc Items

Ø  Each group should have a coordinator who makes sure everyone in the group is contacted. The coordinator should also be the one to take charge in creating a calendar that includes the time and place to meet for each month, what the menu will be, and who will lead the guided discussion.

Ø  If meeting in homes, potluck style is highly encouraged so everyone contributes to the meal in some way.

Ø  If using the fellowship hall – a board member must be present (each group should have at least one board member), and the guidelines for fellowship hall use should be adhered to. Contact Vicki Benson at the church office to schedule your date and time. 512-321-6436 or

Ø  Each group will be encouraged to be as creative as they wish to find other ways to connect and foster friendship. If possible, meet together apart from dinner to do a service project or help with a local mission. Meet for a movie night. They sky is the limit.

Ø  The effectiveness of this depends on the commitment of each single or couple to prioritize meeting with your group for dinner every month, barring an emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.